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The Grand River

The Grand River is Ontario’s largest watershed. The entirety of the Grand itself spans roughly 310 km from its headwaters in the Highlands, to the mouth at Lake Erie. The Grand River is home to an impressive variety of species of fish; including several of Ontario’s most prized sport-fish. Depending on the season, as well as technique, an angler could catch salmon, migratory rainbow trout (steelhead), brown trout, resident rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, northern pike, and carp. The tail water section near Fergus provides beautiful wade fishing opportunities for large brown trout in the spring. Summer provides an incredible smallmouth bass bite that can be best enjoyed from the bow of a drift boat. As fall turns, the Great Lakes rainbows migrate up the system providing anglers with an excellent opportunity to target large, mature fish using several different techniques. The most coveted being a large steelhead on the swing!

The Grand River - Ontario
The Saugeen River

The Saugeen River

The Saugeen River is a large Lake Huron tributary flowing from the Highlands to the west, finding its mouth in the town of Southampton. The Saugeen holds resident brown and rainbow trout, as well as receives an impressive run of migratory rainbows (steelhead) in the fall. Perhaps our favorite aspect of the Saugeen however, is the population of smallmouth bass and musky that were trapped in the system with the building of Denny’s Dam. These two species were not only able to survive, but fared well enough to repopulate which gives the Saugeen an interesting dynamic in that this river produces trophies of both these warm water fish. Exploring the large Saugeen River is best done from our low profile drift boats.

Georgian Bay
Lake Simcoe
Kawartha Lakes

Interested in trying something new and exciting? Book a motor boat trip to catch pike, musky, bass and more while trolling on the big water. 
Our boat is loaded with all the tools to fufill an awesome day out on the lake... GPS, trolling motor, rods, lines and even lunch. 

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Lake Simcoe Fly Fishing - Motor Boat

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